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Zwift recognizes the lemond revolution as compatible trainer and will measure power accurately. Smash your goals and compete with others around the world. Performance data beginning in late fall 2010, cyclists will be able to purchase a power pilot for the lemond revolution and record, upload and download watts, cadence, heart rate, calories, speed and distance, creating the most advanced trainer available today. Lemond revolution indoor bicycle trainer coordinated efforts to update the revolution trainer so that it is 11speed compatible not as easy as it sounds. For sale is my lemond revolution, direct drive, weighty fly wheel, great road feel and pedaling inertia. I have a lemond revolution trainer and no powermeter. Support cycling running account forums status community. Were bringing our friends from wahoo, canyon and rapha on a trip to take the ultimate indoor cycling experience to australia and new zealand. Je kan gaan voor een niet ondersteunde trainer of rollenbank. The lemond revolution is a directdrive resistance trainer that uses the wind to provide resistance. Lemond fitness announces the next generation of bike.

Having never used zwift or any other online cycling app, i have a few questions for those of you who do. Built for use in commercial or home settings, the next generation lemond revmaster offers you some great upgrades to the classic model. This is the lemond revolution power profile ramp test i did at about 66m elevation. The file size of the latest downloadable installation package is 2. The program lies within system utilities, more precisely device assistants. Lemond revolution indoor bicycle trainer on behance. I am enjoying the direct drive aspect of my lemond revolution but believe i am missing out on some of the enjoyment and motivation that zwift seems to provide a lot of st users. As of today, you have the following options to run zwift. While at first it looked like an odd niche to satisfy who would put their track bike or fixedgear on a stationary. Lemond revolution bike trainer 11speed compatible sigma sports. Lemond s company is also working on something called the power pilot meter which attaches to the revolution trainer and measures all the important stuff like speed, distance, heart rate, watts. May 31, 2015 ive been spoiled by the dynamic resistance of the kickr as you ride up and down the changing gradients, however that is only one component of the zwift effect. Lemond revolution turbo trainer turbo bike trainer.

Jan 29, 2017 i take a close look at how well zpower estimated power from the lemond revolution direct drive trainer tracks with a crank based power meter within zwift. Using a large wind brake, the lemond revolution trainer is classed as a directdrive trainer that offers progressive resistance. On the workout front, you can also download workouts to the power pilot, including the ability to ride workouts from training peaks as created by. How to broadcast zwift from any device onto your big screen. When i get my srm back ill do a speedramp test and graph it against power and post that up. Using a direct mount design that replaces your rear wheel, it fits standard 5mm rear spacing frame, making it so you can mount either your road or mountain bikeand saving you from wearing through your. I was planning on getting the assioma pedals for ease in swapping between bikes. Indoor bike trainer alternatives compatible with zwift. Whats the cheapest way to make it zwift compatible. A quick hack for the lemond revolution trainer thatll give very accurate power estimates within zwift and trainerroad etc. Is anyone using this set up, and will it be compatible. If you do not have the wattbox, then you can simply tape a garmin gsc10 to pick up the magnet on the interior wheel. Lemond fitness revolution owners manual pdf download.

Peloton vs spinning bike with zwift platform indoor. Sep 02, 2010 the wait is over, the lemond revolution bike trainer is now available for preorder on the lemond fitness website. Peloton vs spinning bike with zwift platform indoor cycling apps. What is the best cycle clothing for indoor training on zwift. Shop zwift shop order status shop faq gift cards test ride zwift. You can use zwift ml to chat, control your avatar, hadn out rideons, fan view and follow others. Our antivirus check shows that this download is safe. Or really, any interactive game that will keep me from focusing. In this guide, i will walk you through the different ways you can get zwift from the little screen onto your big screen tv. Lemond revolution trainers add track fixed gear compatibility.

I live in a place where the trainer isnt necessary and yet the revolution seems useful, a way to help my fitness. Of course, core to the zwift platform is gamification the idea of taking something that. Zwift virtual bike riding fitness whirlpool forums. Lemond revolution trainer 2 garmin ants one for cadence and other for speed of flywheel apple imac zwift plug in ant zwift software heart strap. Home products can be purchased through specialty fitness retailers throughout the world.

Ironman world champion and olympic silver medallist michellie jones says that the lemond revolution turbo trainer is the smoothest and most realistic trainer that he has used. Zwift mobile link is an app that runs on your mobile device or tablet. Buy a huge range of new and used lemond bike trainers, from. If anyone is still wondering about this, i recently picked up a lemond revolution, with the 10speed free hub. They are also useful for rehabilitation after an injury.

If you have any specific questions related to the power pilot please call us at 6124865755. However, the zwift folks say that i could still participate with. Zwift insider makes a small commission on purchases made from these links, so please shop through them to support our efforts. My other good news is i put in my claim on my velosure insurance for the bike crash damage on thursday july 4. I hacked the lr so that it can register speed on my garmin 500, but not watts. In order for me to get the real benefit of zwift id have to buy a smart trainer. We focus on the best of the best, which means that they are pretty expensive. I came across this video last week on how to increase the resistance on a lemond revolution trainer with this neat trick. Jan 17, 20 lemond and the lemond revolution trainer are back in business. Come join us as we party with the zwift community in auckland, sydney and melbourne for an awesome evening of riding and racing. Jan 27, 2014 mounted on top of the revolution trainer, inside the wattbox is an internal processor that will take temperature, humidity, altitude, and rpm into consideration, and outputs an accurate power reading.

If you have both a smart machine and a bikes power meter, you can choose power source at the entrance to the game. Lemond and the lemond revolution trainer are back in. Been looking at some trainers and not too many options if you have a 29er and 142mm x 12mm thru axle. When using a speed and cadence sensor, zwift translates speed from the trainer into watts using a estimated power curve. There was one big negative though, without the rear wheel that meant rear wheel mounted computers or powertap hubs couldnt be used.

This is a lemond revolution bicycle trainer with the power pilot power meter and a campagnolo compatible freehub. The lemond revolution trainer is the first modern direct drive bicycle trainer in which the trainer replaces your bicycles rear wheel. How to broadcast zwift from any device onto your big. To put that in perspective, the computrainer weighed in at 22 pounds, and the tacx genius at 25 pounds, and the lemond revolution at 34 pounds. Some companies make some conversions however it is still iffy if they are compatible with the machines. This eliminates wear and tear on your bikes rear wheel and tire while you are using the trainer. Tales from the llama zwift on a budget zpower fury road. Also loved the idea in the bkool software that you can download the gpx file from an. Youll appreciate the ultimates climbing ability as you tackle the pretzel route 44. When you hit climbs and descents inside zwift, the wahoo kickr bike automatically tilts up and down to mimic the undulations, as well as smoothly adjusting. However, if an individual is looking for a trainer with bells and whistles than how would we began to evaluate the lemond revolution against the following.

Wahoo kickr 2018 edition smart turbo trainer used a few times zwift. Nov 03, 2015 makers of one of the first and most sought after direct drive trainers on the market, lemond have just added a new track endscompatible adapter to put your fixedgear into their revolution trainers. Please find the lemond power pilot users manual attached. I have a lemond revolution, and have ordered the wattbox with the goal of getting on zwift. With so many choices to run zwift, getting zwift onto your big screen tv can be a little technical. We will verify your price match via email with instructions on how to proceed. It isnt light or quiet, but ill trade those two for the ride sensation and enough stability to cope with everything up to a fullon sprint. Seems like if we are going to compare just trainers, the lemond revolution may be at the top of the lists. Since the wheel is off, you must have the wattbox to report power in the power section of the app. The first step is to download the zwift application onto your device. If you want cadence, you can either get a separate cadence sensor which can be hard to find or use the wahoo speed cadence sensor which allows you to put the speed and cadence sensors at different spots.

A quick hack for the lemond revolution trainer thatll give very accurate power estimates within zwift and trainerroad etc without having to use their wattbox addon. If the trainer youre looking into isnt listed below, i. Weve tested all the supported trainers in the zwift. Ive been spoiled by the dynamic resistance of the kickr as you ride up and down the changing gradients, however that is only one component of the zwift effect. Youll also get a chance to take zwift virtual reality for a mind blowing spin. Some manufacturers offer an optional sensor that broadcasts power watts directly to zwift. Lemond revolution direct drive turbo trainer prices and. Take canyons climbing machine for a virtual test ride by joining the canyon ultimate pretzel mission. Lemond states that the one constant is the amount of air that each blade of the flywheel displaces. Lemond fitness has introduced their new revolution bike trainer, promising the most authentic road feel ever from a stationary trainer. It allows you to enhance your zwift experience while riding or while simply watching other zwift friends riding on the course.

Rouleur magazine download their app to read back issues. Bij deze optie heb je nog een snelheids en cadanssensor nodig dit lees verder welke trainers ondersteunen zwift. First look at zwift, an ultra real graphics trainer app dc rainmaker. This article is updated to include the very latest turbo trainers that are available in 2019 2020. Then anyone with a lemond revolution can get a ballpark estimate of their power without one of these units.

Weve teamed up with canyon bicycles to bring you a chance to win a real life canyon ultimate cf slx 8. The biggest difference is the lack of inertia compared to the kickr or the lemond revolution that i use on a regular basis. The lemond revolution is a highquality indoor trainer with a great ride feel and its built to cope with long hours of training. The lemond revolution has been enough of a revelation in experience that ive begun to see it as a way to sneak in extra miles, like after the boys are in bed. You can use them when the weather is bad but you still want to get in your ride. I take a close look at how well zpower estimated power from the lemond revolution direct drive trainer tracks with a crank based power meter within zwift. When i download my quarq data from my garmin, intervals from 5. The lemond revolution indoor bike trainer uses a resistance fan to simulate on road or off in this case feel. Or really, any interactive game that will keep me from focusing on the ow factor for an hour or two. Simply remove your rear wheel and slipping the trainer into your dropouts, it replaces the need for mushy, slippery tyretoroller connections. Lemonds revolution, the same trainer used by garmintransitions at this years tour, is a marked step away from the status quo.

Dec 21, 2017 with so many choices to run zwift, getting zwift onto your big screen tv can be a little technical. For those among us who prefer italian design, lemond s revolution 1. Now, i dont think the weight is really a bad thing. The zwift turbo trainer game has taken cycling by storm, but if youre not. The lemond revolution is a directdrive bike trainer that integrates directly with your bikes drive train.

The revolution is a direct drive, progressive resistance trainer that integrates with your bikes drive train. Bicycle mounting instructions mounting your bicycle to the lemond revolution note. High inertia technology hit large, weighted flywheel adds inertia and lets. This site contains affiliate links to amazon, wahoo, and other brands. What i did to make it compatible with my 11 speed grippe is. Hoist fitness systems is a san diego, california usa based company producing premium strength training products for the commercial and home markets. Please provide the direct url to the same item of where you have seen it cheaper. I just bought a lemond revolution off craigslist, and i dont have a dedicated speed sensor i have a garmin edge 125, with a cadence hr sensor, so ive been relying on gps for speed. The lemond revolution s flywheel has a builtin magnet that can be used to trigger the speed sensor. Lemond and the lemond revolution trainer are back in business. All in good condition, can get more photos if needed, negotiable if you buy more than 1 item.

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